Thoughts on a Random Book

Three days in a row. Go me! Where is your blog Megan? I know that only one other person is reading this now, but soon, the world will know of its awesomeness.

Today’s random thoughts are about a book, a book given to me by a friend. The book is called “Becoming an Alpha Male,” or some nonsense like that. Supposedly, if you read said book and practice what it tells you, you will become irresistable to the ladies and have sex whenever you want, which is fine if that is what you are looking for. While I do enjoy an occasional romp in the sheets, it is not something that I would like to define my interactions with women. If it happens, super, but it is, and shouldn’t be, the end-all, be-all of life. If this makes me a “beta male,” so be it. I can be okay with that.

Now that I am single again, I have had to learn some things anew, things that I never really had to worry about over the past eight years. Per my last blog, in high school, I had no luck with the ladies, whether it was just picking the wrong one or doing the wrong thing, things just didn’t happen for me then. Soon after high school, I got in a committed, long-distance relationship, which for some reason prevented me from doing anything locally. I then decided to move to be with said long-distance relationship, and in that relationship I stayed for the next six years. Once that ended, I began to look for others, but realized that my “game” was lacking and therefore ineffective.

So, while I am not trying to become the Alpha Male advocated in the book, I will continue to work on it, if only to get more friends, something that I have been severely lacking the past few years. I will always accept being set up on a date and whatnot, just be careful that you are not sending me to meet someone you would not want your brother to date, or yourself if you are a dude. I am a little shallow and willing to admit that looks are important, but I am flexible, i.e. they do not have to have classic beauty, just better than average. It also helps to have some voluptiousness, because I like me some curves. But beggers can’t be choosers.

Before I completely devolve this here blog into what I want in women, I am going to stop. It is still a bit soon to be dating per se, but it is never to early to find some new friends. I plan on doing things in the near future that will help me get some new friends, and hopefully those friendships can lead to something down the road. I am not looking to get married again right away either, but I am still relatively young and should enjoy it while I can.

I think I am done with this one. Tomorrow’s blog will be from Hawaii!

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