High School Memories, Part 2

So at this point in my life, that is 10 years ago, I don’t think things were going as super grand as I thought they would be. I mean, I could get along with mi familia, I didn’t want to kill anybody, and their was (relative) peace in the world. I just always felt like my life was lacking in some way…some of my friends from HJHS had had girlfriends, and not that that was my sole purpose in my young teenage life, but it sure would have been nice. I’d say about 93.7 percent this was due to my own vomit-inducing shyness, where I could hardly talk to girls, let alone call them up and make them my gf. I blame another 5 percent the problem that the majority of the girls in the hizzie where I grew up were of a certain religious persuasion, forbidding dating until 16 and all that…the WHORES!

Anyway…where was I? The other 1.3 percent…I don’t know. I always thought I was goofy looking growing up, and I was a little heavy until my last growth spurt, so maybe this is why the females never noticed me. I wasn’t popular or anything, either. I was kind of one of those middle of the road type of kids, hating all those stuck up Mormon-y kids, and really not liking the jock-y types either…just kind of hung out with my crew that I had known since elementary school, and most of those girls were all ugly…can’t think of one that was attractive to me in anyway, except for the co-founder of the PDM (she knows who she is, and I didn’t meet her until junior high anyway), but I just crushed…never said anything…my bad. It probably wouldn’t have mattered anyways. Refer to my earlier statement of my goofy-looking self. So I had two things to overcome: my mongoloidness and my abundant shyness…

Lo and behold, Sophomore year of high school…a whole new group of ladies to be ugly to, but at least I could look at them and crush from afar…that sounds painful…and crushes I had…

Before I continue further, I feel that I must mention that while I had many female friends while growing up, I really had none that I would consider overly special, and I wouldn’t share anything in depth with them, until…

So back to the story…shy old me…new girl of interest…but I think to myself, “She’s pretty fly, for a white girl” (this was before the song came out too), “but, alas, she must be LDS, so she can’t date until she is 16, and I know her birthday is in February, so even if she did like me, she would shoo me away like a bad puppy.” So I wait…and wait…wait some more…her birthday’s coming up soon…mustering up the courage…what!?!? She has a boyfriend? Since when? Who is it? HIM? I know him…how dare he…but I guess it is my fault…I’m the loser who can’t talk to girls…she’d probably laugh at me, or say she didn’t want a relationship, like what would come later for me on a couple of different occasions…curses…what? Oh yeah, I can be your goofy friend. You can talk to me about him…I don’t mind…oh, no, I’m sure…promise…

I’m not bitter or anything, because something much more rewarding came of this than some stupid HS relationship, a friendship that last to this day, though we are many miles apart.

She was the first real female friend that I had, and we shared many a good time together…and she was my best friend until I met the wife, and she is still like a sister to me…so yay for that. I know I’ve said it before, but thanks again for everything. You were one of the main pushes for me to actually come out of my shell, and because of you, I could actually talk to girls enough to get shit on…Thanks.

So join me next time as I relieve more of the lame high school pain that I experienced oh so many years ago…


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