High School Memories, Part 1

It is hard to believe that ten years ago this week, I was to begin my sophomore year at Hunter High School. Good ol’ Hunter…home of the Skunks? Oh, that’s right…Wolverines. They replaced that skunky thing on the outside of the school since I graduated, maybe even before, like I noticed. And to those folks who read this thing on the East Coast, we weirdos in Utah did 9th grade in junior high, and went to the high school for 10-12, so it was a big f-ing deal when we got to go “to high school” in tenth grade, even though our grades had been counting since the year before, so don’t pretend like your better than me because you got four years of high school, and I only got three. It’s all semantics, isn’t it? Get off your high horse!

Alright, where was I? Oh yes, week one at the big house. Stumbling around amongst lettered halls. Who thought of that? Even and odd days…just to confuse me more…I wish I could remember my schedule from that first day…Japanese period 1, English period 3, Band period 5, 7th…can’t remember. Heck, I could be wrong about the others too. I’ll have to check my records. Anyway…let’s discuss Concert Band. Yay, Concert Band! Knew about 10-15 kids, maybe, from Hunter Junior, like Kathryn Allred, Dustin Baumgart, Ben Munro, Chad Solberg, etc. Christie Hughes possibly…can’t remember. All the cool trumpet players from HJ went to Cypress, so I was all alone…sob, sob…sniffle, but at least the saxaphones sat in front of me…I knew Ben, and Dustin, and Chad, though Chad was a dickface, with his stupid Soprano Saxophone. But who is this new person of the female persuasion…


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