Boston with Mike and Debbie

I know all 8 (high estimate) of my faithful readers have been anticipating this post all weekend, so I will try not to disappoint. As mentioned previously, I was away this weekend in the Boston, MA area to visit the best big brother in the world. Though we may be 13 years apart, now that we are adults, I think we have a closed relationship than we have ever had before. I’ll get back to that shortly.

This is what we did:
Friday morning, I drove up with my sweety and met the brother and sister-in-law at her brother’s house. (Big thanks to Randy and his wife Laurie(?) for allowing us in their home) We went to some beach in the nearby town, nothing too spectacular, but it was fun nonetheless. After that, while Randy took his two rugrats home, we went on a short little hike to this place called the “Ocean Lawn,” pretty much a big field that opened up next to the ocean. Crawled on some rocks, looked at the seaweed, etc. Then returned to Randy’s house and headed of to Boston.

Caught the “T” and rode that bad ass mode of mass transit to Government Center in Boston. Walked around a bit; stopped by the Old State House, Faniuel Hall, Quincy Market, the Old North Church, walked by Pauly Revere’s house, went on the USS Constitution, and head back to Quincy Market to grab some food. Had a wrap of some kind from this wrap place which I can’t remember the name of, and some wicked good Clam Chowda. Returned to Randy’s and parted for the night, to return in the morning for a trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
In the meantime, my sweety was, and is, suffering from extreme sunburn. It just happens. Anyways, we head up to the White Mountains (2 1/2 hour drive), go on a big fancy hike up some gorge, and return to Randy’s (another 2 1/2 drive). Get some grub, non-descript subs from a place I do not know the name of, and spent the next few hours chatting it up.
Just catching up, you know. Told the bro about leaving the church and whatnot, which I think he understands, since he went through similar types of things, but not nearly to the same extent that I did. Really made me feel like someone else understands me, and my reasons for leaving the church, and understands how I feel about my pops smoking. Makes me wish I lived closer so that I could see them more often.

So that was my weekend. Nothing too exciting, but I need to keep my peeps in the know. Looking forward to seeing the Utah peeps in a few days. Until the next BLOOG:
I’m out, Bitches!

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