Precursor to next day’s blog…

Greetings to the four (high estimate) people that actually read this thing. It is almost Sunday, August 21st here on the east coast. I’m a little pissed at the moment because it appears that my A’s are going to lose to the worst team in the world tonight, thus snapping said team’s 19 game LOSING streak! I can’t wait for college football to start so I don’t lose sleep over baseball anymore. Just give the World Series rings to the Cardinals already and end it. Bring on the pigskin.

On another note, I got measured for a tux today and came to the following conclusion: I’m fat! Not like fattest person in the history of the world fat, but fat enough. Oh, to weigh 180 pounds again. That would be sweet. Then maybe I’d stop having heart attacks every day.

I realized today as well that burritos from Moe’s Southwest Grille made by my sweety are the best, as opposed to burritos from Taco Bell, that are good, but not the same. Love that sour cream. I guess this paragraph pretty much explains paragraph #2. Oops. From now on, only grilled tofu and no sour cream, I promise. And I should probably run a mile or two some time in the next few weeks.

Finally, to all my peeps out there who assume that I am a Mormon because I ail from Utah, I am officially un-Mormonized as of yesterday, at least according to the letter I received from the Cult’s rolls, but they some how managed to get my new address to send it to me. No it wasn’t forwarded, but the actual address on the outside of the envelope. I guess there reach is beyond my earthly powers of avoidance. One more reason to hate them.

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