Blogging 101

1) Find some perfectly tainted website where you know at least one person who posts stupid musings about nothing

2) Sign up for an account on said website in order to find your “friends.”

3) Update inane personal bullshit that doesn’t matter so if someone points there mouse over the phrase “I don’t really read a lot of books” some kind of hyperlink shows up and takes you to a group of nobodies that “don’t really read a lot of books.”

4) Begin posting a daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly “web log” (hence BLOG, but why not WOG or WEG or WEEBLOOG (spelled for pronunciation help)) about nothing, but nothing that you think your new “bloggy” friends will find humorous and post comments.

5) Post these same comments to your friends blogs and laugh at the cleverness of their most recent post.

6) Waste most of your remaining life “blogging” away, trying to make some sense of your ever more pathetic life.

Hope you have enjoyed this little discussion. Welcome to my WEEBLOOG!

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